My Invisalign Trays Aren't Tracking! What Do I Do?

If you’ve noticed that there are gaps between your Invisalign trays and your teeth, or your trays feel really tight and uncomfortable, this may mean that they're not “tracking” properly. In other words, your trays aren’t moving your teeth correctly.

But what should you do if your Invisalign trays aren’t tracking? First, don’t panic. Second, take a look at this blog post from Flo Dentistry, and learn more about your options for getting your orthodontic treatment back on track.

1. Ask Your Dentist About Invisalign “Chewies”

Invisalign chewies look sort of like earplugs. They're little tubes of soft foam material that you can chew on to “seat” your trays properly. By biting down on an Invisalign chewy, you can gently push your trays into place, even if they're a bit resistant. 

If you start using chewies when you wear your trays, they may start tracking properly, since it’s easier to seat them onto your teeth. This is especially helpful right when you switch to a new set of trays, since this is when the trays will be the tightest.

2. Make Sure You’re Wearing Your Trays For 20+ Hours Per Day

Often, tracking issues happen because your treatment is falling behind. Dentists like Dr. Omar Amin develop your treatment plan with the expectation that you’ll be wearing your trays for at least 20 hours per day, and ideally for 22+ hours per day.

You should only take your trays out to eat and drink, and to brush and floss. If you are frequently taking your trays out and you aren’t wearing them for a least 20 hours each day, your treatment may fall behind. This can result in tracking issues. 

3. Ask Your Dentist About Backtracking To Your Last Set Of Trays

Lots of the time, your dentist will recommend swapping back to your last set of Invisalign trays for a week or two. This gives your teeth more time to adjust to their new position before you switch to a new tray.

Don’t just do this without contacting your dentist, though. And if you still notice tracking issues with your trays, you should definitely see your dentist for an appointment to get to the bottom of the problem.

4. Schedule A Consultation Right Away To Get Your Treatment Back On Track

In some cases, your teeth simply don’t move in the way that your dentist expected. If you’re having tracking issues with your trays, you may need to see your dentist for a treatment revision. 

They perform an oral exam, then remake one or several sets of aligners to shift your teeth into the proper position. With their help, you can get your treatment back on track, and continue working your way toward a healthy, straight, beautiful smile.

Interested In Invisalign In Rice Military? Come To Flo Dentistry Right Away

At Flo Dentistry, Dr. Amin has years of experience with Invisalign in Rice Military and the greater Houston area. If you’re interested in getting a straighter smile, our team is here to help. Contact us online or give us a call at (713) 893-5526 to schedule an orthodontic consultation, and see if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign treatment.

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