Dental Crowns In Rice Military

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a cap or cover for a tooth that offers highly durable and strong coverage on all sides of the tooth, especially when made from metal and zirconia materials. Crowns can also be used to improve the smile and cover up imperfections like discoloration. 

Aesthetic crown materials like porcelain and ceramic can be matched to your tooth shade to cover up these cosmetic problems. Crowns are used to hold together broken teeth, cover up chips and cracks, protect the teeth from damage, and provide a stronger base to chew food without risking breakage. Crowns can also complete tooth restorations like implants and bridges. Contact your dentist in Rice Military, TX for restorative treatment. If you live in Houston Heights or Washington Heights, we hope you make to the trip to our dental office! 

Dental crowns in Houston, TX

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Getting immediate care for a dental emergency saves you time and money, prevents further complications, and is the best way to relieve your pain. The sooner you get help, the better! 

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The Lab-Made Crowns Process

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Your Rice Military dentist will perform an oral exam to determine if you are a good candidate for dental crowns & in good oral health.

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We will begin by filing down your tooth on all sides so your crown fits seamlessly on top.

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Digital scans are taken of your tooth and sent to a dental lab that creates your custom-fit crown. We can match the shade to your natural teeth using a shade guide. You will wear a temporary crown until your official one is ready.

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We will remove your temporary crown and check the fit and appearance of your dental crown. If all is good, we will bond it to your tooth and polish it.

Dental Crown Options

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Lab-Made Crowns

A lab-made crown is a process of using impressions that are taken in our dental office and sending them to an outside lab that will fabricate your custom-tailored dental crown. 

This process can take a few weeks and requires the placement of an immediate temporary crown to protect your tooth until your next appointment. If you are looking for a tooth-colored crown, we can use a shade guide to match the shade to your natural tooth.

Once your crown is ready, you’ll return to have it bonded to your tooth. Lab-made crowns are superior to same-day crowns in that they are more accessible, cheaper, stronger, and more durable. Not every patient is suitable for a same-day crown, which is generally not strong enough to protect severely damaged teeth or for placement in the molars.

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TMD pain can extend to the neck, ear, face, upper back and shoulders. It can also cause migraines. 

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Benefits of Lab-Made Crowns

Lab-made crowns protect severely damaged, weakened, or vulnerable teeth by offering a sturdy and durable base that holds the tooth together and can withstand significant force. They can also cover up imperfections like chips and cracks or discoloration with highly aesthetic materials like porcelain. 

If you need a tooth replacement, dental crowns are used to complete dental implants to look and function just like a real tooth. They are also used as the anchors for a bridge that holds it in place.

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What Kind of Maintenance Is Involved?

You will still need to practice good oral hygiene by regularly brushing, flossing, and attending dental cleanings. You should avoid staining foods and drinks which can, over time, lead to a buildup of stains on the dental crown. 

You should also not use your teeth as tools, chew very hard and sticky foods, or grind your teeth. Wear a mouthguard while you sleep if you suffer from bruxism. These things will protect you from oral health problems, damage, and discoloration.

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Stress can make TMD worse. Clenching of the jaw and bruxism can wear out the jaw and enhance TMJ pain.  

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